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Don't be misled by cheap imitators. No other knee brace can use our Patented technology. Only the GAMECHANGER from In The Groove trains your muscles to allow the patella to track correctly. The Knee joint is the largest joint in the body and is more likely to be injured than is any other joint in the body. The GAMECHANGER restores natural tracking and thus restores normal movement. When normal movement is restored, muscles are able to rehabilitate or train themselves to maintain better alignment and thrus the brace is no longer needed after 2 or 3 months, unless there is already severe damage to knee joint tissues. If there is severe damage or arthritic changes, then the brace may be needed long term.

Inexpensive braces that just apply equal pressure around the knee neither help align the bones nor allow the normal rotational action of "In The Groove". Very expensive braces that try to support the entire weight of your body on the calf can never give the comfort that you feel with the "GameChanger". It helps your body support your weight naturally on the parts of the knee where it was intended to rest.

"In The Groove" helps to align the thigh over the lower leg which supports the entire weight of the body. Any brace that does not align the thigh over the lower leg (tibia) does not help to reduce the damage done to the knee joint bones and cartilage with each and every movement of the knee. When normal alignment is restored, pain is reduced, more normal function is restored and there is the potential to not only reduce further damage to the knee joint, but also to allow the body to heal where possible.



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