Sharon R: These feel great and really help me walk. I just wish you had these before my mother’s knee surgery. She died of complications several weeks after surgery.
--Hurt her knees by being very active in sports.

Haley L: I can’t believe how comfortable these are and I can walk without pain. I paid $200 (my 20% copay) for a brace that is painful to wear and is uncomfortable and it did not help like this one does.

They helped me so much I referred my best friend to get one also.
--A young lady who hit a deer and had knee crush injuries to both knees years ago.

Helen D: I could stand for two hours to sing in Holy Week choir and was able to put the brace on by myself. I could not put the sleeve type knee brace on by myself as I live alone and I was not a surgical candidate. The brace would be perfect if it only took away the arthritic pain also. This was my only hope.
--An octogenarian who lost her husband a month ago and had a stroke shortly afterwards that left her hemi paretic.

Amelia L: I can walk now and put off knee surgery. I was so impressed I told my physician to get one for her Mother in Italy.
--A very physically active senior citizen.

Eliza W: I can do 4 miles on my elliptical machine and walk stairs without pain. I have arthritis in both knees, genetic and these give me the most relief of any brace I have tried.

Anna B: It took away my pain and I can walk and do stairs without pain. I was so happy with the brace that I got my Mother to get one also.
--She is young woman who hurt her knees at her job.

Ruby C: I hurt my knee and could barely walk. With this brace I am 50% better without any medication or surgery.
--She is a retiree who had a large knee effusion. The swelling went down in several weeks with wearing the brace.

Wayne M: I can walk better with these braces than I have in years. I was looking at needing to have knee replacement surgery. I got so much better that I told my doctor and he wants information on the brace.
--He is an active octogenarian who plays basketball every weekend.

Alice C: I had terrible low back and leg pain after hip replacement years ago. This brace has drastically reduced my low back and leg pain. It did not take it all away but this helped more than anything else I tried. My physical therapist was so impressed with the brace that she asked for one for herself. She has bad knees.
--A young lady with MS who had hip replacement at 24 years of age due to avascular necrosis from steroids used to treat rapidly progressive MS. Her MS is now in relapse and she is working full time.

Lloyd A: I had a terrible time trying to walk. With these braces I no longer have pain and my swelling in the knees has gone way down. I am recommending them to anyone with knee pain.
--A senior citizen with baker’s cyst.

Alla B: I hurt my knee and was temporarily in a wheelchair. With this brace I could walk and get out of the wheelchair. I am so thin that the sleeve braces in the stores fell off my leg but I could wear this one.
--A 90-year-old lady who is extremely active and now needs neither the brace nor wheelchair.

Betty W: Thank you my pain is much less and I can walk.


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