What Causes 70% of all Knee Pain or Patellofemoral Syndrome (PFS) or Disease?

In a knee with Patellofemoral Syndrome (PFS) or Patellofemoral Disease (PFD) or medial lateral knee injury, the kneecap (patella) does not fit into the groove of the thigh (femur), so the patella scrapes the sides of the femoral groove with every movement of the knee joint. This scraping damages both the underside of the kneecap and the femur causing inflammation. Inflammation causes pain, swelling, redness and decreased ability of the joint - knee joint here, to move. The inflammation causes damage to the tissues including cartilage and even destruction of the bones of the knee joint if present for a long period.

How Has PFS Been Treated Before In the Groove® Knee Retrainer?

Traditional therapy has focused on the kneecap since that is the first bone that we see when we look at the knee. When the bones underneath the kneecap are mal-aligned, the kneecap looks like it is out of place, so most knee braces focus on forcing or holding the knee cap into a place, rather than align the bones behind the knee cap so the patella can track “in the groove” as it was designed to. This forcing the kneecap into a place actually can damage the tissues and bones as the patella is meant to move and actually tracks up and down in the groove with knee motion. By holding it in one place, the patella is out of place during the other parts of the movement of the joint. Damage can even be increased if the patella is held tightly in place as the bones are in even closer contact with each other if a tight sleeve brace is worn. It helps some, just as putting pressure on a sore spot overloads the nervous system and stops the pain for a short time.

Figure 1   Knee joint with thigh (femur), knee cap (patella), tibia (lower unnamed bone) and tendons: ACL, PCL (center of bones y shaped here) and medial and lateral ligaments on either side of knee.

How Does In the Groove® Knee Retrainer Work?

In the Groove® Patented Knee Retrainer acts to align the femur and tibia with the opposing lateral stays, one above the knee on the femur and one below the knee on the tibia to glide them into alignment and the opposing wrap of the straps, applies a slight torque or rotational force, to rotate the femoral ends into the cartilage semicircles ontop of the tibia as it normally does during walking or running. In the Groove® knee retrainer not only leaves the patella free to track in the groove, it also aids in the normal rotation of the femur on the tibia, thus restoring normal gait.

Figure 2 This diagram shows the stay forces opposing each other, one above the knee and one below the knee to glide the femur over the tibia so the patella can track in the groove. Not shown is the rotational force that is applied by the opposing wrap to help rotate the femur into the wells formed by the cartilage on top of the tibia.

Proof of Alignment:

Figure 3   Actual X Ray of patient with PFS Before and after wearing In the Groove® knee retrainer on his right knee.  He  walked with it on for only two minutes before being re X Rayed.  The patella is highlighted - out of the femoral groove before and back in the groove only a few minutes later.  If you look closely, you can see the brace on the right leg.  After looking at these X Rays, we saw the left leg also had the patella out of place.  After he walked two minutes the leg without the retrainer did not correct.  His leg pain was so severe that he was unable to find a comfortable position to sleep in.  He got his first good night’s sleep in a long time and was given one for his other leg.

In the Groove® knee retrainer not only aligns the knee joint bones, but it also helps to rehabilitate the muscles of the knee joint so that after 4 – 6 weeks most people no longer need it. ITG® knee retrainer has re-trained the muscles of your knee joint to maintain alignment just by wearing it during daily activity. In the Groove® knee retrainer applies pressure on the muscles of your leg to “orient” them as to where they are so they reboot themselves to function the way they should. In a power outage at night if you suddenly found yourself in a room in your home you would not know where you are unless you touch something familiar. Then, in an instant, you know where you are in your home. It is the same with muscles. They get stretched and moved and can “lose their way”. They forget where they are and just contract as though they are in the right place. By touching them correctly, they “remember” where they should be, and then move the bones back into their normal position which allows the patella to track correctly - back in the groove. The patella is no longer scraping the femur so further damage is stopped, structure is restored so function is restored and pain decreased with movement of the knee joint. This all happens in a fraction of a second, but as far as the patient is concerned, the results are immediate: relief of pain, mobility is restored, quality of life restored and further damage is reduced or stopped. Since the muscles of the knee joint are retrained, alignment is maintained even after the retrainer is no longer worn, unless the damage to the cartilage is severe, then the retrainer will be needed much longer.

Proof of Rehhabilitation

Figure 4 The patient in the x-rays had employment that required she stand on concrete during her shift causing joint mal alignment. The patient had leg and knee pain and the pain interfered with her sleep. After wearing the In the Groove® Retrainer for a month, the patient no longer has knee or leg pain and can sleep at night. The x-ray on the right was taken 3 months after the patient had discontinued using the In the Groove® Knee Retrainer and the knee joint remains in alignment and she is symptom free for her knee joints.


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